Meet the Interiors Blogger – Zoe Gilpin for The DIY Decorator

Zoe Gilpin
for The DIY Decorator

Zoe from the DIY Decorator shows us just how easy it is to use Design it Yourself.

Zoe is back with another tutorial - learn how to search for a product.

In the following tutorial, Zoe shows us how to move/edit objects around your DIY moodboard.

In the following tutorial, Zoe shows us how to use Paint Colours on the DIY mood board.

In the following tutorial, Zoe shows us how to select and edit moodboard!


We had the pleasure of speaking with Zoe Gilpin the amazing lady behind The DIY Decorator, an interiors blog that provides inspiration and ideas for the every day home decorator whose quote ‘Decorating doesn’t need to be expensive to look great. Anyone can achieve the interior they are after with a little guidance and inspiration’ supports our own philosophy here at Design it Yourself.

About me

Tell us a little about yourself Zoe.
I am a 32 year old wife, mum and qualified interior Decorator from Perth, WA. I love all things interior related. It is my absolute passion and some may say my addiction.

Does your partner share your love for interiors?
Not at all. He is a manly man. Fishing, cars and music, yes. Interiors, no. He appreciates that our home always looks great and compliments me on my work, but I’m sure he is sick of me constantly showing him new homeware or furniture finds and asking his opinion on my room designs.

We know you are Mumma to Jack and the very new little lady, Harper.  How do you juggle being a Mum and a career woman?
I am very lucky that I can work from home via the Internet. For years I was having to visit stores to find items and go to clients homes to work with them. These days, I can simply jump on my iPad and not only scour the world wide web for items, but put these items together in a mood board and present them to my client via email. Being a mum, I do have to remember that work comes second and make sure that my kids are my priority before my work. At the moment I have taken a step back to concentrate on them, but am still able to connect to people via my social media pages which is great as I am a bit of a workaholic and do like to keep my days busy.


My Work

How did The DIY Decorator come to life?
After I had Jack in 2014, I suffered from Post Natal Depression and found that the lifestyle change of working full time to being a full time mum was a hard transition. I began @thediydecorator Instagram page simply to fill my time and share my love of interiors, bargain shopping and DIY projects. I never meant for it to become what it has, but am so appreciative of what it is and look forward to seeing where it goes in the future!

Do you LOVE what you do?
Yes! So, so much! It’s my passion. My hobby. My obsession. I have always gravitated towards decorating and can’t imagine my life without it. Every day I’m either decorating for myself, for others or simply scouring the Internet for new trends and ideas to inspire me.

What are some of the perks of working on an interiors blog?
I get to meet some amazing people! Mostly online, so I don’t actually get to meet them. But since moving to Perth last year, I have met quite a few Perth small business owners and clients, and have formed some great friendships with some of them too. I love being able to work with small businesses within the interiors industry and one perk is working with them to style and promote their items which I really love doing.


My Style

Do you have a favourite style or a signature style for your home?
I think I would be known for my use of grey and white. It features predominantly throughout our home and I tend to use it as a base and then add in new items to create my own unique style. I love interior trends and always enjoy incorporating them into my own home, however I don’t like to follow styles exactly and think it’s important to keep some of your own personal style in your home to make it your own rather than a carbon copy of a trend.

What’s your favourite room in your home?
Our master bedroom. It’s a huge space which I’ve made into not only our master suite, but my home office as well. It’s a neutral space with amazing nature lighting, so it’s the room I use the most for my styling photos. Currently is has a modern bohemian theme which I love as it feels like a retreat. Who knows what style it will be in a few weeks from now!


My Inspiration

When decorating your own home where do you draw inspiration from?
2 years ago it was from interior magazines and places like pinterest. However, since joining intsa-land, I have discovered so many other inspirational interior decorators, home decorators and interior accounts which really inspire me.

What do you think of Design it Yourself?
I love it! I really enjoy creating mood boards. I loved putting physical ones together whilst I was studying and for clients, however I love that these days you can do it all online. I have tried a few other mood board creator apps but have found that they are too time consuming and don’t have a great range of images to use. Design It Yourself has such an extensive range of products to use from some amazing businesses! I could, and do, spend hours putting together schemes to keep my mind active (#mumbrain) and to share via my social media outlets to inspire my followers.

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Bedroom designed by Zoe Gilpin using Design it Yourself