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Carli Harrison – Design It Yourself
06 MAR 2017 By Yvette Braithwaite-Bragg

My style continues to evolve with age, I have moved through various trends and phases to arrive at a level of my own style that truly reflects me as a person. I would call it ‘functional comfort’ it’s all about being comfortable and making my space a ‘home’ that’s functional for me, I want to sink into my sofa at the end of the day and put my feet up with a strategically placed side table for my glass of wine!

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Create and shop your own mood board with design it yourself!
28 Nov 2016 By Amy Collins Walker

Design It Yourself is a new website that allows you to experiment and create your own room interiors with the latest products from a host of Australian retailers. “It’s basically a mood board for novices. Consumers can create their own style boards using genuine available products and, best of all, it’s free!” says director Carli Harrison.

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Carli connects online consumers with local retailers
22 Nov 2016 By Lauren Ferrone

Adelaide businesswoman Carli Harrison is connecting online consumers with local home ware retailers on her new style board website Design it Yourself.

With South Australian software developer Axios, Carli has created a blank style board where consumers can select from a range of interior products, wall colours and floor coverings to create room designs.

“It’s not an e-commerce site. What we’re doing is promoting retailers – not just in South Australia, but around the country – and sending consumers back to the retailer’s website to purchase products and services,” Carli says.

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Adelaide’s Design it Yourself APP!
26 Oct 2016 By Haley Pearson


Remember those cardboard dolls when we were kids? The ones you could dress up with different paper clothes? I bloody loved them! Well, this is like the adult version!

Carli Harrison, an Adelady has revolutionised the way we style our homes!

Design It Yourself is a web based app (mobile version hopefully coming soon) can be used on tablets and pc’s and is really great at encouraging everyday designers to create their own style for their homes, it then gives you easy access to purchase the items you’ve used.

How cool is that? If you’re thinking about re-styling your home or even just a corner of your house, give this a go! I will warn you though, it’s a wee addictive.

Here are Carli’s top 5 points WHY you should download the app!

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Tips to create a home that reflects your own style
4 Oct 2016 By Carli Harrison

When it comes to designing our homes, it’s easy to get caught up in the millions of images of décor inspiration that are available to us and lose sight of what our own sense of style really is.

We live in an internet obsessed world where there are so many resources to inspire our creative side. Looking through home magazines and browsing images on Pinterest, Instagram and interior design blogs can assist greatly when inspiring and determining the foundation of your style.

Creating a folder or inspiration board of images that you like is a great place to start, however keep in mind you don’t need to duplicate something out of a magazine or website to create a beautiful home – your own style is what will make your home beautiful.

There are some great online tools out there to inspire you and design rooms that reflect your style. Pinterest for instance is a great staring point for ideas, and with Design It Yourself – a new app for home decorating – you can recreate and redecorate your rooms on screen as many times as you like, saving your favourite items to a shopping list to revisit later.

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