Meet the Stylist – Sarah Radhanauth

Sarah Radhanauth
for House of Home

Sarah Radhanauth is an interior designer and stylist with an exceptional eye for all things beautiful. Finding inspiration in travel and exploring exotic cultures and landscapes, Sarah’s interior design consultancy Saraloushé is in high demand by clients from around the world, and her infallible sense for aesthetics and her eclectic style have earned her a stellar reputation as an icon of interior styling. She is also a Trends Writer for Grand Designs, Contributing Editor at Home Design Magazine and Writer and Stylist at House of Home.

About me

Were you creative as a child?
Yes I suppose I could say I was. I used to draw and write stories a lot as a child. Art and English were always my two favourite subjects, and let’s just say I did a lot better at those than maths and science! I come from a family of artists, I have a mother, Aunt and Nan who are all extremely talented so I have them to thank!

We know you love to travel, how does this inspire your creative flair?
Travel feeds my soul. I am so inspired by the landscapes, architecture, design and other cultures of the world. Travel stimulates our minds with ideas and images, which I believe has helped me to be able to recognise emerging trends and to create new styles. I feel like a more rounded person because I have been lucky enough to see the world from different perspectives.


What inspires me

Is there a particular designer/stylist/style that you admire, that has helped shape the Interior designer you are today?
There are many designers I look up to. There is a massive pool of talent out there so it’s difficult to narrow down. I do love Kelly Wearstler for never being afraid to go bold with the use of colour and pattern in her designs. Sibella Court is a fabulous stylist and a true talent. The architecture of Zaha Hadid of course never ceases to amaze me, the forms she has been able to create in her architecture defy convention and are a great feat of engineering. I am a big fan of Techne Architects here in Melbourne, they have such a fun portfolio of commercial projects. I absolutely love the signature aesthetic of Hecker Guthrie and the residential projects of David Hicks; they are all exquisite.

Have you noticed vast differences in style across the world?
Yes actually there are a lot of differences. I have worked on projects in Australia, England, Canada, France and Mauritius and style preferences vary quite a lot. Australia has a similar aesthetic to South Africa and these looks are two of my favourites! They both have a very natural, organic feel about them and are teamed with striking architecture that brings the outside in and inside out. I love interior and exterior spaces that borrow from each other to become one big beautiful extension of liveable space! In saying that though, I attended both Maison et Objet in Paris last year and the London Design Festival and I saw some amazing product styles that are definitely filtering into Australia.


My style

What is your favourite room in your home and why?
Well, I wouldn’t like to discriminate, (each room is equally loveable) however, I would have to say nothing beats the comfort and coziness of my bedroom. It’s a place for calm and relaxation and I truly value having a beautiful comfy, warm bed to fall into each night. Not all people in the world are so fortunate and I think it’s important to remind ourselves of this.

My work

What’s the best thing about what you do?
I would have to say that the best thing is being able to be creative in some way every single day.  There’s no one exclusive aspect per se, as long as it’s within the design world, whether that be interior design, writing, styling or visual merchandising, it all brings about the same sense of satisfaction. At the end of the day though it’s the great people that you meet and the people that you work with that make you smile. People in this industry are extremely passionate about what they do and it’s such a great energy to be around!

When styling for House of Home you have 1000’s of products to choose from.  Where do you start?
At the same place anyone else does – page one of that category. 🙂 If I have something particular in mind I will type it to the keyword search bar. I come across a countless amount of products every day so I usually have a few ideas in the back of my mind that will suit the theme or topic I am researching for.

What are you working on for House of Home at the moment?
We have some really interesting article topics that we are going to be covering. They will be filled with lots of great tips / how to’s / buying guides or other really useful information for home makers. There’s a couple of specific shoots in the pipeline but I’m not at liberty to give anything further away. You will have to keep checking on the site or sign up for our newsletter. 🙂

What do you think of House of Home’s collaboration with DIY, would you recommend the tool to people wanting to design a room for themselves?
Yes. The minute I heard about DIY I was dying to find out more. I have been searching for a tool like this for years and it’s amazing to finally be able to create a mood board as you find products of interest! It’s immensely helpful for customers who want to be able to see everything together without having to go to the trouble of using Power Point or design led software such as Indesign.


Trends to look out for

What new trends do you see emerging for this year?
There’s a fair few! A lot are filtering through from last year but are now in much more high demand and as such are much more easily accessible. A new approaching trend is gun metal finishes. We are seeing more and more products utilising this finish such as tapware and sinks, however, brass finishes are going to continue to lead the way for quite some time.

What is your favourite design/decorating trend of 2017?
We are fortunate to have access to so many amazing products these days and with those come varying trends. This gives people an opportunity to become really creative and experimental. I have to say though, I love all the warm metallic finishes out at the moment such as brass, nickel and gun metal. Colour blocking is a big trend which I think works really well as it can be really striking without being over the top. I adore living walls and the big trend of having a plentiful amount of pot plants dotted around the home.