Creating a home with your own style

Creating a home with your own style’
Carli Harrison, Founding Director Design it Yourself

When it comes to designing our homes, it’s easy to get caught up in the millions of images of décor inspiration that are available to us and lose sight of what our own sense of style really is.

We live in an online world where there are so many resources to inspire our creative side. Looking through home magazines and browsing online images can assist greatly when determining the foundation of your style.

Creating a folder of images that you like is a great place to start, however keep in mind you don’t need to duplicate something out of a magazine to create a beautiful home – your own style is what will make your home beautiful.

With Design It Yourself you can recreate and redecorate your rooms on screen as many times as you like, saving your favourite items to a shopping list for later.

“Decorating your home is a very intimate and individual process. Home is the place you go to relax and recharge and it should reflect your personality entirely. Your interests, hobbies and particular tastes should weave their way through your space,”

“It doesn’t have to be blatantly obvious that you are crazy about cats or that pink is your favourite colour!  Add some subtle touches that are a reflection of you – there’s always room for things that make you smile.”

So where do you start?  Here are my top tips on how to infuse your home with personality when styling:

Get serious about furniture

“Having a ‘key piece’ of furniture to work with has been fundamental for me when renovating my own homes.  If you find one piece that you are instinctively drawn to then you can build your room around it – it’s surprising how quickly your style can emerge and evolve from that one item.

“I also find furniture without a purpose or function is unnecessary. You should always think about practicality and functionality with your main items.  In contrast to this, styling and soft furnishings don’t always have to have a purpose so you can unleash your creativity!”

Focus on layouts and architecture

“One way to make sure key pieces of chosen furniture are more personalised and stylish is to be realistic about the space you’ve got and where they will fit. That means deciding on the best layout so that the room is functional and the space has effortless flow.

“Make sure you think about how your furniture will match up with your existing space to beautifully contrast and enhance the architecture of the room – it can change quite dramatically!”

Add eye catching art that steals the show

“You might not know much about art and that’s OK! From prints, photography or paintings, first and foremost you have to choose a print or piece of artwork that you love. It’s no good just buying a piece for the sake of having something on the walls. Art is such a personal choice and you’ll have to look at it everyday so the only thing that matters is that you like it!

“Once you’re more comfortable with your own style you might consider investing in ‘real’ art. Just remember that this is much more of a long term commitment, and it’s  about the connection you make with a piece – it should make you feel something.”

Images are all Design it Yourself Style Boards. You can create these great inspirational boards yourself on DIY.
Make small DIY changes

“It might seem crazy to change or alter new or used items you purchase, but if you’re really looking to add your own personal touch to your home, small DIY projects can truly give a zing of personality. From a stripe of colour to dip-dyed legs, there are a lot of DIY options to brighten up pieces you have – and this is when Pinterest can really come to the rescue!”

Overall, Carli believes there is no right or wrong when it comes to your own personal style. “You have to be self-interested – remember it’s YOUR home, trust your instincts. It doesn’t have to be ‘on trend’, if it appeals to you then that’s a good indication that it’s part of your style.

“If you think about it, this is where you are going to spend your time, your personal space, your safe haven where you’ll create life long memories. So do you want it to look fresh out of a glossy magazine with no relation to your own character, or do you want this to be a place that you feel most at home and that is in tune with you and your life?

“Remember, a home’s soul comes from the lives lived within it.”

See you soon,
Carli & the DIY team